The Best Ways To Make Money In Web3 Right Now

The Best Ways To Make Money In Web3 Right Now

Web3 has changed how we think about finance, ownership, and “centralization.” Thanks to the rise of DeFi and NFTs, more people are realizing that there are serious problems with Web2, including how Web2 platforms use data, make money off their users, and censor content.

In Web 2.0, many platforms harvest user data and repackage it to sell to other companies. Web3 offers a future where users can enjoy more data privacy, monetize their data if they want, or potentially even create their own currency.

What can you do right now to take advantage of the rise of Web3 and earn some cash? Now, let’s look at the best ways to make money in Web3.

Work In Web3

Want to make real money in Web3? The best thing you can do right now is to begin looking for a Web3 role, whether you’re a developer, marketer, or executive.

If you’re serious about working in Web3, Entre is the best place to go right now. Entre is a professional Web3 network where you can find Web3 companies looking for candidates to help them scale. You can also network with other Web3 professionals, share insights, and create content that can earn you passive income. 

Even if you have no Web3 experience, begin thinking about your skills that can be applied to the Web3 world. If you’re still not coming up with anything, consider working as an intern for a Web3 company. Entre will soon roll out its Communities feature, offering even more opportunities for professionals and organizations to network. You can sign up for the waitlist here:

Either way, Entre is a great way to begin networking in the Web3 role and meet people who can help you define what you’re looking for and potentially help you find your next Web3 career. You can learn more about Entre here: 

Play-To-Earn Gaming

The play-to-earn gaming (P2E gaming) sector has been critical to the growth of the Web3 ecosystem, and it’s also grown significantly over the past several years. Despite the “crypto winter,” GameFi (a portmanteau of gaming and finance) has continued to grow. By 2031, the GameFi sector is forecast to be worth $74.2 billion

How does GameFi work? In many cases, users sign up to play blockchain-based games to obtain NFTs that they can sell on marketplaces. These items might be NFTs that represent in-game items like armor, virtual land, or weapons. You can then “rent” or resell these items at a profit, and in some cases, these items might earn passive income on their own. 

For the first time in history, a gamer can now be rewarded with actual money and become an active player in the gaming ecosystem rather than gaming just remaining a passive experience.  If you go professional, you can always become an Esports gamer, which leads to actual salaries, sponsorships, and more. Some popular P2E platforms include Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and Sandbox.

Decentralized Social

We all know that many content creators have been able to establish a sizable following on social media, which often helps their other ventures. One prominent example is how Elon Musk’s massive social media following helped create a worldwide legion of Tesla fans and investors over the past decade.

With the rise of decentralized social media platforms, content creators can get more control over their content, monetize it in new and innovative ways, and build communities that can potentially help them scale their companies and generate revenue. You can also expect innovative ways for advertising dollars to filter through to actual users through smart contracts.

What Else Should You Know About Making Money In Web3?

It’s important to remember that Web3 is new and is far from a “get rich quick” scheme. We will likely see Web3 technologies emerging over the next decade that offer innovative ways for users to earn income. Still, it’s impossible to predict exactly what they’ll look like or how those business models will operate. 

Of course, content creation will always be a way to make money in Web3. Even if you aren’t a Web3 developer, you can earn income by writing about Web3, podcasting about Web3, or making Youtube videos highlighting Web3 news and trends. While you might not earn life-changing money in a short time, it could be the bridge to building a Web3 network - and possibly a new future career.

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