Apes of Wolf Street

Description: Promoting financial literacy with a focus on diversity and inclusion, while promoting environmental, social and corporate governance standards. Background: We live in the age of so much information that it is easy to get caught in an echo chamber. Covid highlighted numerous issues with respect to peoples access to quality information about regulations, health laws, statistics and sometimes facts. As law students, we are taught importance of mitigating bias and have whole procedures for impeaching based on bias but I personally cannot say the same for the media. The name of the community is inspired by real world events that were pivotal to the development of the financial market. The Wolf of Wall street demonstrated how the market makers and banks abused the system but were ultimately brought to justice by our government. Fast forward a couple decades and we reach the era of Meme trading. As information became more readily accessible the average day investor began moving faster than the government could regulate. The people sniffed out and exploited a scheme used by market makers opening up pandoras box. As the retail investors fought with the market makers about what they valued the media began to refer to the average day person as "Apes" and "Uninformed investors" Speaking from the perspective of a "informed average day investor", the news outlet will tell you to do one thing and then message board/comments will tell you another. The data released for companies don't support their movements even when taken in to consideration with global external pressures. It is difficult to know which way is up. This problem intersects in to the blockchain world because the blockchain world is a reflection of our current system. As people lose faith in the larger financial systems they will seek shelter in the decentralized world but there needs to be a community dedicated to the integrity of the information presented.

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