At Talentpair through dedication and efficiency we strive to build a strong environment that positively impacts personally and professionally our clients, candidates, families and ourselves through continuous growth and success. We believe that Talent, Hiring Teams, and the venture capital groups that fund the startups we work with all deserve to be treated with the upmost respect. Recently awarded the 2022 RemoteTech Job Marketplace of the Year, Talentpair is the hiring ecosystem for Talent (candidates), hiring managers, and Growth Partners. We utilize our perry.ai to decentralize recruiting for all. Leveraging over 200 years of combined recruiting experience for leading technology companies in San Francisco, New York, Austin, and more, Talentpair uses machine learning AI to automate and optimize recruiting, while integrating expert Recruiters in the most important parts of the process. Technology paired with human experts substantially reduces the time and cost of recruiting by eliminating the inefficiencies in a traditional recruiting process. We know the importance of balancing human and machine. Building world-class teams is not about jobs on a board. It’s about people.

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