Behind the Book: Unveiling the Art of Pabulum

Aug 8

9:00 PM




About the event Get an inside look at the creative process and discover the inspiration behind some of the book's most beloved characters. This event will feature interactive Q&A sessions and behind-the-scenes insights that will provide a deep understanding of the artistry behind Emmily Yohalem's work. The illustrator will discuss their techniques, and experiences in bringing's illustrations to life. About the Emmily Yohalem Emmily Yohalem is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. As a child, she dreamed of illustrating and creating the world she holds in her mind. It is a constant shift of perspective, emotion, and illumination. Throughout her life, she has sought to use her drawings to bring others into her world of dragons, fairies, and folklore. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education but has taught Art in programs for ages K through 12. She specializes in graphite, colored pencil, and charcoal renderings. Her work has been portraiture and illustrations of poetry and writing. Emmily is known for her superb attention to detail and the passion for all things fantasy. She enjoys drawing from life and her imagination. She has used real animals and people to help accentuate and infuse detail in all her work. Her signature trademark is her ability to make her audience identify and relate to the characters she draws. This involves the approach of replicating features, detail, personality, and whimsical attributes from things she loves. Everything she draws is by hand and no digital production is ever used. She hopes to continue her journey as an illustration artist for many other projects in the future. This event will stream live on Entre the fastest-growing web3 community where you can earn cryptocurrency for creating content. Hosted by: Miriam Dorsett Miriam Dorsett is a full-time artist, entrepreneur, and community activator. Her passions are the arts, our community, technology, and sustainability. In addition to growing her startup CHIBUR, she is a 2x published Author, a certified Climate Crisis speaker through the CLEO Institute, the Ambassador for Product Hunt South Florida, Lead Organizer for 1 Million Cups Miami, and the EIR at Entre. Organized by: CHIBUR CHIBUR builds brands and products for artists and community organizations. Our mission is to achieve remarkable goals by connecting and supporting those with common passions. Find out more information at www.chibur.info

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