Resume Review & Strategy Workshop

Aug 31

10:00 PM




Join Emily Landon, aka 'The Crypto Recruiter', for a resume review & strategies workshop! During this workshop Emily will be providing: - Personal resume reviews - In-depth resume breakdowns - Targeted resume strategies Throughout the workshop, Emily will also be sharing tips, suggestions, and feedback from her own personal experience of 7+ years in the recruiting industry. More on Emily: Emily Landon has a 7-year recruitment background, including 3.5 years in web3, she's orchestrated ideal matches for 275+ crypto job seekers. Emily goes beyond standard recruiting, shaping cultures and ensuring perfect fits. Her style is positive, bubbly, and refreshingly honest, offering transparent guidance. Her crypto recruiting journey began as a New Year's resolution, resulting in a team of 20, 36k followers, and 120k+ candidate reach. Follow her on Entre - joinentre.com/profile/thecryptorecruiter Follow her on LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/thecryptorecruiter Company: The Crypto Recruiters is a woman-owned Crypto recruiting firm. We have set a new standard for excellence in Crypto recruitment by re-humanizing the Crypto recruiting experience for both the Crypto candidate and Crypto client. We represent innovative Crypto companies who empower their teams to succeed. We’re experts at creating positive cultures that help scale entire teams. Website - thecryptorecruiters.io

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