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🤕 It’s NOT about ‘treating’ Mental Health 🧠 It’s about PREVENTING it… 3️⃣ Action steps to take from this video: 🏽 Surround yourself with a positive community & friends who genuinely care about your overall well-being 🏽 Ask your family & friends how they’re genuinely FEELING and let them know it’s OK to be open and vulnerable with you - no judging, just listening & being empathetic 💫 🖖🏽 Talk about your emotions with people you love, trust and care about is the first to wards healing from any mental health related struggles...


Social Impact


And even further, prevention but learning how to handle it, and help others

@Miriam Dorsett You said it - so grateful you’ve been helping so many people with their struggles Miriam :) Keep up the amazing work ok ☺️💫🧠🙏🏽🦾