Mandy Kay

CEO at Divinity Designs

This is really embarrassing for me to even to do this but I'm out of options here. I was doing Doordash and Favor as my only source of Income until my car broke down. I live 10 miles away from the nearest town, which is a small town, I'm stuck in the boonies with no vehicle or a ride from anyone. But I need money for parts to fix my car. I need my car to run to make money. See my dilemma? Now my internet got turned off. Now I can't make any money off freelancing, selling my items, work at home jobs, or finish my online courses, nothing. If anyone would like to help me out, my PayPal is @QueenMK6287 Thank You So Much for Helping Me! To fix my car, I need - $300. To get my internet back on -...


Not even $1. . Did I forget to mention that I'm a single mother of 3 daughters, ages 5, 6 & 12.