In the past a developer talked about creating the app with Blockchain. I honestly considered it but would that be a good idea. On another note, I talked to another mentor besides the one that was clueless and low-key uninterested. They asked some crazy questions that got me thinking. Anyways they are asking me how I want to proceed, which for me I don't know how to voice what I want. I know that I want help with the operation of my business, and many other things. Any suggestions on good questions to ask them for an online based business like my business idea. I also am open to checking out resources that could benefit my business idea. Here is a link to the general business idea as an...




Bisola Olowe

UI/UX Designer

Hey Jenni! These are some of the questions I think you can ask your business mentor: 1. What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced in your own online business ventures, and how did you overcome them? ...

@Bisola Olowe Thank you for these questions. I will ask them the next time I meet the mentor