Candra Lewis

CEO at 4Myson, LLC

As a coach, when I see a void connecting the dots, I look for resources. However, some gaps I can fill. I have been using Chat before it was on the news and the big wave hit. I'm a constant researcher. At many of the networking events I've gone to, many people were saying, "This is over my head!" One literally can not afford to not know at least the basics about AI and using it safely. Here is a course specifically for beginners to learn the most commonly used aspects of ChatGPT and using them. Each module the student learns is monetizable as well! Call all beginners, it's time to catch up! Pass on the link as well to anyone who is new to this or has been standing back from it. (This...

Artificial Intelligence


Albert Wang


I represent Standard capital Corp (SCC), we provide funding and monetization for government and private projects 1M USD to 500M USD. We also provide bank guarantee which is a guarantee issued by a bank or a financial institution to reduce the risk in transactions for both parties involved in the transactions incase of a contract breach.  Worry no more with us when performing commercial and financial transactions from now on as Standard Capital Corp is here to offer you...