Isaac Mashman

Founder at Mashman Ventures

3 Quick Tips To Improve Your Client Meetings 👇 Define the intent before you even get on the call. What is the point of the meeting? Do you need to collect information for your work? Do you have a crisis or something pressing to cover? Don’t be afraid to share some strategy to help the client better understand what you’re going to be doing for them and the ROI of spending their time and continued to spend their $$$. This helps them understand the thought processes behind your work and see the long term picture which can be difficult at times to visualize. Be 3 minutes early, cordial, and focused ...

Albert Wang


I represent Standard capital Corp (SCC), we provide funding and monetization for government and private projects 1M USD to 500M USD. We also provide bank guarantee which is a guarantee issued by a bank or a financial institution to reduce the risk in transactions for both parties involved in the transactions incase of a contract breach.  Worry no more with us when performing commercial and financial transactions from now on as Standard Capital Corp is here to offer you...