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👉🏽 MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE 🏃🏽 🎧 Exercise = Healthy Mind🧠 Body🦾 Soul💫 ✏️ I share my Fun, Creative Workout Videos every week with the intention & hopes to inspire just 1 more soul out there to either START their movement journey or continue prioritising their Health & Well-being because I know how beneficial & life changing it can truly be… Moving has positively shifted my mindset Moving has allowed me to let go of negativity Moving has helped me become more creative Moving let’s me express my authentic self Moving helps with productively & focus...



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Bee Love


Thanks for the inspiration! What's with that floating scene? Bro ~ You were levitating!

@Bee Love It’s called a superman pushup 👀😉🦾 my signature and fav move 😊👌🏽🦾