Eunice Min

Community Manager at Entre

Hello everyone! My name is Eunice, and I am the newest addition to the Entre family! I am the community intern, so you'll see my name popping around here and there quite a bit, so feel free to say hi! You never know; I might pop in and say hi myself. Here are a few fun facts about me: I am currently in my second year for my MBA, I am a hardcore gamer, and I love making random memes/art for fun. So please don't be shy, say hi, and if you have any questions about the site or even questions about me, my DMs are always open!

Bee Love


Greetings. I just entered this Entre world and am excited to be here too. I have so many ideas brewing... I am just using my phone vs. a computer so still navigating how to find different groups and how to create my own... Looking forward to seeing more of your art! Hope you enjoy this beautiful day!

Eunice Min

Community Manager

Aw, thank you! Hope you have an amazing day as well, and I look forward in seeing you grow your own community here๐Ÿ‘