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🤯 For my OVERTHINKING Friends 😬 🧠 It’s time to shift your perspective… 👉🏽 Research suggests 73% of 25-35yr olds chronically overthink, along with 52% of people ages 45 to 55 (Credits: Forbes). Usually, it shows up as ruminating on either their negative past traumas / events OR worrying too much about the future ahead of them (both in which we cannot control) hence why the focus must be shifted back to this present moment 💫🧠 👴🏼 It’s human nature that as we grow older and take on new responsibilities & challenges in our lives, that we naturally fall into this mindset of ‘overthinking’ and that’s when ‘analysis paralysis’ starts kicking in… leading us to eventually feel ‘stuck’ or...


I love this. Great advice

@donald baker Happy it added value to journey journey and hope you act on the message I shared 😎👊🏽🧠🙏🏽