Mitch Jackson

Lawyer at 👔 Lawyer | 🚀 CEO x2 | 🤝 Mediator | 💼 Investor | 📚 Author x6

We're doing well by doing good and making the world a better place. Our talented Founders are: BILL TAI- VC, Athlete, Chairman of ACTAI Global, a 501c3. First backer to commit to Zoom and seed investor in Canva, Wish, Treasure Data, Dapper Labs and more than 20 companies that have become publicly listed companies. DANNY YANG, PHD- Founded Stanford Bitcoin Meetup in 2013. Founded Taiwan's largest cryptocurrency exchange. Presented an NFT solution to land titles to the government of Egypt in 2015. Built one of the first visual block explorers for Bitcoin and Ethereum. PhD CS Stanford, BA Harvard. AMANDA TERRY- Former digital media business development executive at Twitter, NBC, and Neustar....