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Doing Business with Unknown People on Web3 Recently a potential client reached out about an investment in a web3 project gone bad. To help inform others of the risk, he asked me to share his experience with my community. To make a long story short, after about six months of community engagement, the potential client transferred a total of $200K in cryptocurrency into a hybrid IRL and web3 project. Everyone in the project used handles as is often the case in web3. The actual names, contact information and business history of the project founders were unknown to the potential client. Once the funds were transferred the project “disappeared.” Links, websites and accounts were deleted....



Neo D


Suggest you post on Twitter and break it down to be more digestible

Thanks. FYI, it's on twitter and already a short post. See https://twitter.com/mitchjackson/status/1686781084925853696?s=20