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CTO at B E R M U D △ T R I ▲ N G L E🏴‍☠️

South Africa Is Becoming The Number 1 HOTSPOT For CYBER CRIMINALS.🇿🇦 The Matter Is Under The Investigations By Internal Affairs as SAPS Police Officials Are Having A Hard Time Arresting The CORRECT Suspects. (Stay Tuned) 📡 #Cyber-Crimnals #Threat-Investigations #Fraud #DayZero Watch Out For Day Zero Attacks. Google Play Is The Biggest Scam. Once You Become A Target, You Are Target For The Rest Of Your Life.🔻🔺 Becareful Who you let into your home..... The Girl You Met Online... Trust No One.👁️⃤ Become An Expert. Get The Financial Cover, Affordable AI / Cybersecurity You Need To Protect Your Personal Home(WIFI), Devices, Apps & Accounts. #Web3 #BlockChain #ForexMasters #Traders...


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