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😳 ARROGANCE leads to failure… 🙏🏽 Please continue to defeat ignorance… We all know or have come across those ARROGANT people in the world. Those who look DOWN🔽 upon others and think they’re better than everyone else… their arrogance will eventually lead them to destruction because only the ignorant souls who live with this mentality, deserve a harsh doom… It’s true what they say… There’s a fine line —— between arrogance & confidence. ...



Bee Love


Arrogance is especially harmful under the "authority" of the law. Would you PLEASE take a moment to click the link and look at this GoFundMe?  This is to Help an Innocent Disabled Veteran who was wrongfully arrested and victimized by Police Misconduct and Brutality.  It would mean so much if you would please donate.   Twenty or Fifty bucks would be tremendous and your support will also show social proof which encourages others to help as well.  Honestly even $10. or...