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The Dangers of Dogma, My Contemplations I've been thinking a lot lately about Experience. And I mean this in the most undogmatic way. The way we've been raised in this modern world is often so limiting in the most Ahrimanic sense (in likeness to Ahriman, a Zoroastrian deity from the religious texts). We are given every chance to avoid nature, the very place we come from. We are born into beliefs that are simply repeated but not questioned, and those who've tried have been punished for it. The severity of this continues. And I think to myself, "which thoughts are my own and which are not?" "How do I find out?" By testing all boundaries and rejecting limitations to find the truth, even going...

Marlon Parker

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Exactly! Well Said! Completely Agree! Thanks for those thought-provoking insights. That's exactly what my Mind Fuss Endeavour, is all about. Follow on Twitter, at - https://twitter.com/FussMind?t=tswgLz0RF2fYPANj38Iv1A&s=09, and on Threads, at - https://www.threads.net/@mindfuss, for now, for more.



@Marlon Parker I’m so glad to hear that! What’s your story?