Candra Lewis

CEO at 4Myson, LLC

As we are progressing into the AI, it is literally in every aspect of our lives, especially business. As business owners, we have to stay on top of it. I know I found it so frustrating to have my automation all over the place! And there are certain functions that plug-and-play bots were not handling the way I needed. As I'm revamping my business, I want less stress and I'm willing to pay for it so I can focus on my actual business. I am also about sharing. As a prompt engineer, I keep a direct line to what's next. If you're here, you know that a big shift is about to happen. I wanted to make sure my business was ready. Is yours? I do not usually long posts, but this is a resource you...

Artificial Intelligence


Future of Work


Video Editor

With over five years of video making and editing experience, I work with my skills and fine imagination. I love creating high-end video productions for my clients in a fraction of the time! Specializing in short video ads, promotional videos, marketing videos, stock video ads, and interactive video experiences. I'm thrilled to be working with your brand on a long-term basis! Glad to meet you today.see more..https://www.fiverr.com/s/RGomGL