Akugre Adalbal Richard

COO at Snow unlimited

My name is Akugre Richard I'm from Ghana 17years old and I'm a amateur footballer wanting to become a professional footballer there is an upcoming football tournament in Ghana precisely Accra which is the capital of my Ghana but the team i play for is located in Tamale far from Accra and we are embarking on going to compete in the tournament in order to get the trophy back home I'm pleading with everyone in this platform to help raise funds for me to support myself in this tournament to be able to perform massively and i want to thank snow unlimited for helping me with a few cash to get some basic things for the mean time i will be dropping a video soon stay turn thank you all love.❤️❤️


Video Editor

With over five years of video making and editing experience, I work with my skills and fine imagination. I love creating high-end video productions for my clients in a fraction of the time! Specializing in short video ads, promotional videos, marketing videos, stock video ads, and interactive video experiences. I'm thrilled to be working with your brand on a long-term basis! Glad to meet you today.see more..https://www.fiverr.com/s/RGomGL