Robert  Campbell

Artist at Skhi Bridges LLC

#Hey #OELAs~ I hope to have your thoughts. I am so #ForwardLooking to this #OELA~ It has been fierce and maddening with the steps to a resiliant HPC environs but|| so as to say, with the #RockyLinux #Apptainer being configured for #Ubuntu and all. Does that even make sence that the .config has to be magick'ode to reveal? So I switched the build up to Pop-os/Ubuntu with Jetbrains toolbox for the build-out of the node. +== #FYI I am working on a web3 layer 1 #SocialMedia + forum + AI for personal Creator mentoring & scoring. This is an abstraction of the game I have been developing - #A1TSrpg - the #AlphaNumericTimeSpaceRolePlayingGame Where #You are your own #Player && you are facilitated...



Artificial Intelligence



Business Development

This sound like an exiting project mate .

#Nice ---> The most important thing is #Security and #PermanentStorage via Arweave/Drive - I already forked it but~ Let me know if you want to be involved in some capacity https://openfund.com/d/SkhiBridges