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🧠 Wisdom OR 🤖 INTELLIGENCE🙏🏽 🤔 What does the world NEED more…❓ I believe the world NEEDS more Wisdom🧠 I’ve met some incredible, deep, wise people along my life’s journey (both online & offline) and sometimes I wish and say to myself: 👉🏽 Man, I wish this person made content around their life experiences & wisdom because so many people out there right now who are ‘DOING THE INNER WORK’, would genuinely find it super helpful and valuable to consume…🙄 For whatever personal reasons, these souls haven’t found the courage or bravery to do so YET or they’re just not so ‘tech savvy’ so the world is truly missing out on their deep wisdom & insights… 😢🤷🏽‍♂...



Donald Stewart Cameron

Chief Creative Officer

Hello Coachsadiq 🧑‍�🏫 when I was six years : this artist : stoped in front of me : he was holding a black & white photo ! It was two pelisons settings on a log seronded by water : he see me : he seen me serving at it : you like it : its my best yet ! Yes I love 💕 it ! You can have it ! Thanks ! I will keep it for ever ! NO If someone is likes it or is up set : give them it ! NO it mine ! No have a look around ! if you keep it : you miss all that ( pointing...

@Donald Stewart Cameron Cool story my friend, keep sharing the art and pieces with others so you can continue to feel the fulfilment of helping and inspiring others 😊💫🙏🏽