CEO at DeFi Alliance DAO

DeFi Alliance DAO

🎙️ Exciting Update: More Insights from the "What Bitcoin Did Podcast"! 🎙 We're thrilled to share a thought-provoking segment from the "What Bitcoin Did Podcast," where another individual has discussed their decision to leave X (formerly known as Twitter) due to concerns like shadow banning and more. Listen to this eye-opening segment here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4wrCk2vNksMb7doOWIKIde?si=hAzJrCWtR0enL6ktWoROrg&t=3674 and delve into the reasons that led them to seek alternative platforms. At [Your Community Name], we're all about fostering open discussions and providing a safe space for diverse perspectives. We encourage you to explore this segment and understand the nuances...