Producer & Videographer at Creative Digital Images, Inc.

Correct me if I’m wrong? But if someone asks you what your budget is, and you answer with a monetary number, it is an assumption that you have that money to spend for said product or service. Wantreprenuers - It’s ok to dream about your business and it’s goals, but you need to take action and be true to yourselves and others about where you are in your journey. Trust me when I say this, while you can try to fake it it till you make it, those here that are doing it and have done it can see right through your bullshit. If you are looking to learn from others here, you’ll need to listen to those around you with a proven track record. Don’t waste their time with your noise.

Gary Carmel


Sage advice. In the world of entertainment you need the equipment to execute the service. $1500 can be played thru a $100 amp on a cheaper guitar. The way bands work is something many entrepreneurs don't grasp & a lesson I've been trying to explain but nobody yet gets that the new "band" is a production person, technical person, PR, & various other creatives in various configurations that are necessary to deliver a multi media product or service.