Aunt: Forget this entrepreneur mindset. You are dreaming of getting paid while you sleep and are being picky about jobs to get cause you want to work a job you love. Start being more realistic. Me: But there are people out there doing both of these things.πŸ₯ΉπŸ˜— Aunt: yeah, where are they at. Me: Traveling the world or sitting at home sleeping all day. Most of them are billionaires.😐 Aunt: Billionaires huh? And what makes you think you can become a billionaire. With that business idea of yours ...




You're not alone Jen. I just started my 3rd semester at undergrad and I feel the same way. While I'm proud of the fact that I'm pursuing a degree in fine art, I'm not very confident that I'll land a job (let alone an internship) that'll align with my degree. And that's the main reason why I restarted my studio practice after it flatlined for several months. To not only pursue my passion for creativity but also to share my passion for it with the world, whether I have...

@Cheri Regis thank you. I know many artist in my state feel this way. Thus I want to create a business out here so artist can do what they love at the very least as a side hustle.