It is Crazy, not being content with your life and thus trying to build something new from scratch. It is hard to learn things that you never knew, especially without someone showing you the ropes. A teacher really only teaches you the basics, then you have to find the rest of the way yourself. I want to change, but don't know where to start and hope to find myself not getting stuck in a place I know is not where I want to be. But become content with how that place has provided me a life thus I stop searching for more to continue carrying what I have gained so far. Ending up to guard it for the rest of my life then being completely sad that I wasted my life doing the same thing on repeat....




You are exactly where you need to be! Entre is a place of endless possibilities, finding purpose, creating connections and learning. The first thing I would suggest doing is getting a chief aim.. find something, anything that you want to do that you can become obsessed with and feel good while doing it.