I find it crazy just how much entre has helped me start my dream. If I never went into google play store searching for business apps, I would have never discovered this gem. I am so glad to have found entre and connected with the wonderful people here. If I didn't have entre I'd still be searching through fiverr gig freelancers or posting craigslist posts looking for developers to build my vision. I am considering going onto other platforms to network. Was recently on reddit. I am considering going on other platforms as well. Besides networking to start a few projects for my business, still am concerned about my business. Hoping to plan it from scratch but I have been ghosted by another...




I'm glad to hear that you've found Entre to be a valuable resource in pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. Networking and connecting with like-minded individuals can make a significant difference in the business world, and Entre has been an excellent platform for that. Expanding your network to other platforms like Reddit can also be a smart move. Each forum has its unique community and potential opportunities for collaboration and learning. Keep an open mind when it...

Thank you for the advice. past experience has me thinking the first mentor I had was probably the best. But I will keep an open mind to other people that can possibly help and mentor me