CEO at DeFi Alliance DAO

DeFi Alliance DAO

Dear Community Members, We are thrilled to announce that the DeFi Alliance DAO is running a fundraising campaign on OpenFund. This is your chance to contribute to our community and help shape the future of DeFi Alliance DAO. šŸŒ Fundraising Campaign DeFi Alliance DAO OpenFund: https://openfund.com/d/defialliancedao Your contributions will be crucial in advancing our mission and initiatives within the DeFi space. It's important to note that all funds raised will be deposited into the community DAO wallet on the Polygon network. You can find the DAO wallet here: Polygon Community DAO Wallet https://app.aragon.org/#/daos/polygon/0xfd18a2fa735142e769b397b2d7c703b2e5d09e84. What sets us apart...