I still find myself struggling to express what I mean or feel. It is hard to express what you need for your business when you don't know what you need. I say to mentors that I want to start from scratch to build the business and they focus solely on one thing. The part where the business is gonna have a platform. The platform is very important but the business can, well should make revenue without the platform since it'll be awhile before it can launch. This score mentor who ghosted me says to schedule a call to probably waste my time like the last to tell me he can't really help me. This dude messaged me saying I shouldn't have started my platform when that was all he responded about when...




Let me ask you. What's your business about? Who is it for? What problem(s) are you solving? What resources do you currently have to cover the basics in bringing it to life? What resources do you need? I believe these questions should be able to put you in the right path.

@Benjamin Dimowo thank you for the questions you put here. I have a few answer for the first three but I already know I struggle with resources. 🫠