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🤝🏽 PEOPLE connect with PEOPLE 👀 Watch till the end… Whether you’re in business or not, don’t ever forget that PEOPLE will always connect & buy from PEOPLE… 🤖 As much as AI can be used to automate and help us become more efficient in our life when used for good, it’s still a machine created by humans at the end of the day, so it won’t ever deeply connect & emotionally be aligned with people the way we can be… So kindly requesting all those who love sending out your ‘spam messages’ & ‘unsolicited links’ to buy your silly products or services - plz STOP!🛑 It doesn’t work....


Joseph Smith

Software Engineer

Absolutely! I've always believed that AI is a fantastic tool, but it's like a Swiss Army knife; no matter how versatile, it can't replace genuine skill or knowledge. It's up to us to wield it wisely and complement our own abilities.

@Joseph Smith Well added and absolutely agree 😎🧠👌🏽 - continue to stay human and empathetic towards others when building genuine deep relationships with others 🙏🏽💡