Glenn McCutchen

Co-founder at McCutchen Enterprises, LLC

My nerves are going to be shot by the end of the weekend. Monday we will finally be able to start the patent process we have been waiting so long to get started. I can't begin to describe the nervousness and excitement that I feel right now.

I've been trying to start the process as well, somehow! Lol! So I can imagine! I've got everything getting all backed up here! I've got 8 projects completed and just stuck at that point! I KNOW WHAT WE NEED TO INVENT! IT JUST NOW OCCURRED TO ME! WE NEED TO INVENT A NEW SIMPLIFIED AND PREFERABLY FREE PATENTING PROCESS!!! YES!!! Really, why hasn't anyone became everyone hero yet by claiming that one? Lol! They would have to use the old process to patent their new process....

Glenn McCutchen


You should look into pro-bono patent attorneys in your area. They are all over the US, and they have different requirements for helping folks get things done. I have been researching all kinds of different scenarios on how to get this completed. The main thing is knowing which starting point fits within your business model.