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Michael Chabon sues OpenAI. What's your opinion - can ethical AI really exist when it requires learning from real artists and creators? That's a question I've seen a lot in the business space. I won't lie to you, I've been unable to grasp the full complexity of the whole thing. However, here's an interesting read for anyone who's been following the conversation. ...

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Yeah, my friend and I discuss this almost every weekend. I'm on the side of OpenAI because people are making the tool do the task of creating a derivative work, so the LLM is just a tool. But I admit, I'm not feeling too comfortable about that. If a law came around that banned generative works created by AI, then I'd be just fine with that too. I'm just a leaf on the wind. Que sera, sera

Daynah Rose


@Derek Duban On the surface I'm inclined to side with OpenAI, too. I say on the surface because, like I mentioned, I probably can't understand it a lot deeper than that 😅 I don't really see how its any different than a human learning from the work and styles of another artist. Like, reproducing The Weeping Woman would be unethical, but the concept of abstract art itself is not off limits to other painters. Of course, I'm open to being educated on...