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It's been reported that billionaire Mark Cuban lost $870,000 worth of crypto stolen from his MetaMask "hot" wallet. This is a good reminder for all of us to embrace these 31 cold wallet safety tips. https://mitchjackson.com/2023/09/13/web3-digital-cold-wallet-safety-tips/





Edward Hooks


Great post on Wallet Safety. The Friction in Safe Transactions and Security Risks make me wonder how β€˜crypto’ can become ubiquitous in current form factors. <opportunity not hate>

Spot on Edward. Once we get past the coding/dial-up-modem phase of development (remember the early days of Internet access?), everything is going to change. I think this will happen in 12-18 months. We're early. Now having said that, these tips will keep 99.99% of most consumers and businesses safe. Apparently Mark made a mistake. The current issue is that as humans, we all make mistakes no matter how careful we are (that's why I stopped flying hang gliders back in the...