Candra Lewis

CEO at 4Myson, LLC

Hey there! I hope this post finds all of you healthy, happy, and working diligently towards your dreams! Today, I’m going to give some info about what our lives have been about and what we all need to be on the cutting edge of. Ready to dive into the world of Web3, cryptocurrency, and the Metaverse? Strap in, because it's a wild, exciting ride you won't want to miss! So, why should you be all-in on these game-changing realms? Let me break it down for you in a fun and lighthearted way. (This is how I remember!): 1. Crypto = Opportunity Galore: Imagine a world where you can invest, trade, and hold your digital assets like a modern-day treasure hunter. Cryptocurrency opens doors to...

Artificial Intelligence



Elizabeth Babatimehin

Angel Investor

Thanks for the privilege Candra. I am excited about this and will want to be a ride on the rollercoaster to explore