Navya Mekera

Founder at Connection Seekers

Connection Seekers

Intimacy is a fundamental human need. It is NOT optional. We need to feel closeness. We need to be known, seen and loved for who we are. We have a deep desire to feel connected, at a mental, emotional and soul level. This is better than sex. Yes, for men too. ...

Bianca Thusi

Creative Director

Woman!!! I'm going through this as we speak and I have to be honest with myself how I fear intimacy and to be emotionally seen by others by God and of course by myself.. I avoid it at all cost. Makes me uncomfortable but today I tried... It's not easy.

Bianca you are not alone in this, I can relate! It took me years to open up, and I still continue to notice the barriers and lovingly work with them. Not easy at all friend.