John Jardin

Founder at Money Quest

There is a new initiative on the DeSo Platform called DeSoDuels. It's a Learn & Earn NFT Strategy game that's focused on elevating Creators of all kinds. Whether you're a Content Creator, NFT Artist, Musician, Writer, or Educator, you'll benefit from participating. It's free to join and only takes a few minutes of your time per day. Great prizes are up for grabs, including rare NFTs and Crypto. There's an event happening right now that commenced today (Tuesday, the 26th of September, 2023), so you still have time to join and compete. Click here to learn more and how to get started: https://desocialworld.com/posts/3e24413a52b391ced9ee073c7de7f7433e62f953808f5408aa91cd18622ddd6a?tab=posts




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Thanks for the being supportive to deso 'introverts' with your project! I am taking notes! Not sure WHAT you have created atm, but it IS robust and extensive! Taking step by step and getting an overview in the process. It's overwhelming but, fun and has my imagination running wild!

Thanks so much Leila for your patience. If I had my way, you would simply go to one portal for everything...no linking accounts, etc. Unfortunately, with budget constraints, we have to make due :)