Cheri Regis

Founder at Cheri Regis Works

I matter. You matter. We all matter 🙂😀😄 and that also goes for ideas, goals, dreams, and perspectives as well ❤️💯 I was taking a stroll in my neighborhood when I found this small but mighty reminder. It wasn't on some billboard by the side of the highway or on a poster at school, but rather, on a rock by the sidewalk. And it didn't cost anything to get this message out (making it priceless). These days I've been preoccupied with assigned readings, homework, and work so I've definitely been BUSY 😵‍�💫😵‍�💫😵‍�💫 this week I have to do a speech for my comm class, study for a final exam for my modern art class online (shocker: I HATE the class and how it's giving me too much information...