Robert Hanna

Entrepreneur | Recruiter | Creator | Investor | Community Builder at KC Partners

🎙️ The Unfiltered Truth Behind How I Merged Legal Recruitment & Podcasting to Unlock Massive Value 🌟 Excited to share that last week I joined Emmanuel Igweh on his captivating Evolution Podcast. We dived deep into my dual journey in legal recruitment and podcasting, exploring both my passion and strategic decisions. 🎧 I'm still very much in the game of legal recruitment and loving it! But there’s another hat I wear—host of the Legally Speaking Podcast ™️. Podcasting for me isn’t a side hustle; it’s a deliberate strategy to bolster my personal brand, expand my network, and fuel inbound revenue through thought leadership and high-profile collaborations. 🌐 Let's talk value. Elon Musk...