Arif Hossain

Product Designer at Cisscom LLC

🎨 60-30-10 Color Theory Imagine designing a coloring book for a fun adventure! 🖍 60% Dominant Color (Background) 🌅: Think of this as the color you'd use to fill most of the page in your coloring book. It's like the sky in a picture of a sunny day or the grass in a park scene. This color covers most of the space and makes everything look consistent and nice. 30% Secondary Color (Objects and Things) 🏡: This color is for the fun stuff you draw, like houses, trees, or even cute animals. It's not too much, but it makes your picture interesting and organized. 10% Accent Color (Special Details) ✨: This color is like the magic sparkle! It's for the extra special parts of your drawing, like...