Reconsidering my approach to my business. Well I have continuously been saying I've been planning. I have a few ideas for my business but haven't really implemented them completely. So basically I am living in fantasy dream land for most of it. Though the development of the platform is continuing on it is just a big piece of an even bigger puzzle. I am considering contacting my business mentor to get help with creating a business plan. I did do a business model canvas but the business idea has evolved since then and a few things have not been added to it. If anyone has suggestions for anything related to my business and its platform feel free to comment below. If you want to discuss...




Gary Carmel


Sometimes these are separate businesses & best approached in a way that can let each one grow & it may absorb the other or that other one could be the one that takes off. In short don't put all yr eggs in one basket.

@Gary Carmel I understand. I have been looking out at other possible ways to make passive income. I ran into a lady who sells stuff from thrift stores at a kiosk. She said the kiosk is $147 every 2 weeks, though I wouldn't know what to sell. I thought of doing little crafts and then selling them.