Cole Jackson

Coach at XeniumTrades

Hello community πŸ‘‹ Today, I'll like to share a little of my opinion on the topic "Winning Mentality" What is the definition of winning mentality? Well, I'm a sport lover(soccer) and I see teams both big and small going all out to win a game so if I'm to define it with that scenario, I'll call it giving your everything(effort/perseverance/initiative/individuality) in order to win, also in the face of adversities and setbacks which in soccer could be a red card, missed chances, goal down or sometimes injured best players. That is the winning mentality and I'm convinced it's possible to create and develop this winning mentality but then, the question is HOW? There are two different types of...




It’s so important for us to tap into and focus on our intrinsic motivation a lot more (purpose) so we can find the real inspiration behind what helps us take action and move forwards every single day 😎🦾🧠