Goose Pärk

CEO at Goose Park Productions

🎶 Business Trip ✈️ Embark on a sonic journey with Goose Pärk and Giiipson Poet as they transport you to the vibrant landscapes of Miami in their latest release, "Business Trip," set to drop on Friday, November 17th, 2023. Picture this: Two musical souls, Goose Pärk and Giiipson Poet, brought together by fate in the heart of Nashville, TN, as they discovered a shared passion during a gig. United by the rhythm of life, their creative synergy blossomed into a collaboration that is nothing short of magical. Months later, the dynamic duo decided to take their artistic vision to the sun-soaked shores of Miami. What ensued was a captivating odyssey, beautifully captured in the music video that...