Arif Hossain

Product Designer at Cisscom LLC

🎨 Elevate Your UX Design with These Top 10 Free Fonts! 💡 Hello, UX/UI Designers and Creative Minds! 👋 Today, I'm excited to share a goldmine of resources that'll add that extra flair to your designs 1️⃣ Inter: The champion of legibility and readability in UI design. 2️⃣ Space Grotesk: Ideal for both small and large scales, this font brings a tech personality to your projects. 3️⃣ Work Sans: Offering great scalability with a touch of character. 4️⃣ DM Sans: Perfect for smaller text sizes, adding subtle personality to your design. 5️⃣ Satoshi: Known for its sharp contrast and brilliant readability. 6️⃣ Lexend: A font designed to improve reading speeds and accessibility....