Robert Hanna

Entrepreneur | Recruiter | Creator | Investor | Community Builder at KC Partners

šŸ“š Are you ready to get ahead in the evolving world of legal operations? I'm excited to share that I've contributed to "Legal Operations in the Age of AI and Data," published by Globe Law and Business Ltd. This isn't just any book ā€“ it's a deep dive into the next frontier of legal innovation, expertly edited by Olga V. Mack, Humira Noorestani, and Memme Onwudiwe. šŸŒ I'm genuinely excited to be part of this incredible line-up of legal industry experts. It feels amazing to collaborate with such a talented group. Humira, the driving force behind this project, has truly brought a fresh, out-of-the-box perspective to the legal world. Her creative vision is a testament to the innovative spirit...