Robert Hanna

Entrepreneur | Recruiter | Creator | Investor | Community Builder at KC Partners

🌟 Are you a legal professional eager to merge your career with your creative passions? 🌈 Join us on the Legally Speaking Podcast ℒ️, powered by Clio - Cloud-Based Legal Technology, as we delve into an engaging conversation with Henry Nelson-Case, aka β€˜@thatcorporatelawyer.’ Discover how Henry blends law with creativity, transitioning from a Consultant Solicitor to a 'Lawfluencer.' πŸš€ Highlights Include: - Overcoming the pressures of law to fuel your creative passions. - Debunking myths about law firm life and embracing social media. - Henry's transformative journey from legal practice to social media influence. πŸ† Celebrating Our Inspiring Alumni Guests:...




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