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Driving while using the Apple Vision Pro is distracted driving. It's unsafe. It's stupid. I explain why here. https://mitchjackson.com/2017/03/12/three-distracted-driving-excuses/ Please pay particular attention to the linked article "Study: Hands-free devices distract drivers for 27 seconds after use."




When they came out with the don't make phone calls and don't text while driving rules, I was offended because I didn't think people would be so bad. I mean we had radios, people eating, reading newspapers, and much more... I once saw a guy playing the trumpet behind the wheel (for real)... and the cops wanted to stop phone calls? Then I was in traffic... bumper to bumper... the guy behind me was on his phone... the traffic moved up... so did I... then the guy behind me...

It's an issue. I've represented families who have lost loved ones because of distracted driving. Most people don't realize that even hands free blue tooth options distract your attention from the act of driving. There's a good article/study in the post I shared about this study. The hands free mental distraction can last for up to 27 seconds AFTER you end the call. Thanks for your comment. Let's all lead by example.