Arif Hossain

Product Designer at Cisscom LLC

Let's toss the fear of imperfection out the window and share our design hiccups! We're all on a creative journey, right? 💡 Time to spill the beans on those not-so-great designs, and here's the deal. 🚀 As creatives, we're always evolving, learning, and taking risks. Those "oops" moments? They're part of the ride and gold for others. So, let's nix the perfection pressure and flaunt our creative strides. Now, about this community we're building: Ever notice how sharing only the polished stuff makes others feel a bit meh? 😔 Let's flip the script. By opening up about our design hitches, we craft a vibe that's all about support and inclusivity. Your not-so-great designs? They make you...