Robert Hanna

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🌟 Are you ready to become the lawyer everyone wants to work with in 2024? 🌟 Join us for another unmissable session in the Legally Speaking Club LinkedIn Live Series, where we'll delve into "Mastering Business Development: The Lawyer's Guide to Success in 2024." πŸ“šπŸ’Ό Henry Nelson-Case and I can't wait to welcome two trailblazers in legal business development: Deb Feder & Scott Simmons! πŸš€ 🎀 Deb Feder, a Business Development Strategist and Coach, is also the brains behind the Focus30 system, which is revolutionising the game for lawyers aiming for productivity and client acquisition. As the voice behind "After Hello" and a seasoned keynote speaker, Deb's strategies are all about sparking...