Naheed John

Advisor at NLG

I'm learning that many people lie between two extremes, but very few have mastered the ability to take dual approaches. Some people are against working out, and some people go so hard for fitness that they shame those who aren't doing 4:30 AM hills and 8-mile runs. But what about the one who says, "I don't need to do 8-mile runs, but it may not be best to never work out either, I'll go for a walk every day" πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ. Not everything has to be one or the other. I've found that when I blend both approaches into one, there is a harmonious effect that takes place πŸ”„. For example, I automate a lot of the work that keeps my clients from doing what they feel is best for their circumstances πŸ€–. I also...