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Seriously how could you have missed this?? 😱🎥 It’s not every week your feed kicks off with a dance-off…🕺 🎶 This past Musical Monday, in celebration of the Top 5 Episodes of our previous Season 7 of the Legally Speaking Podcast ™️, powered by Clio - Cloud-Based Legal Technology, John Lindsey and I decided your feed needed a dose of disco fever. 🎙️⚖️ Yep, you heard that right—a parody video where yours truly channels the Bee Gees, bringing those “Stayin’ Alive” vibes into 2024. 😂 Forget the Monday Morning Blues; think more along the lines of Saturday Night Fever vibes. If a laugh, a bit of motivation for the week ahead, or the curiosity to see John and me pulling off our disco best...